Pholdia Laptop Stand

Innovative Magnetic, Foldable Design


  • For: All 13-15 inches Laptops
  • Innovative Magnetic, Foldable Design
  • 2-Way Stand
  • From 15 To 60 Degree Angle Support
  • Anti-Fall Secure lap Grip
  • Ultra Strong, Spotless 3M Adhesive
  • Available in Three-color combinations: blinx Blue on  Black, Dark Gray on Light Gray, Light Beige on Black


  • Universal Mobile Phones
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Pholdia is the most innovative blinx collection, The Biggest member of this family is Pholdia laptop stand, designed to gift a sigh of relief to your neck and shoulders! It magically increases your working performance by putting your body in a natural-comfort way. With two viewing angles, you can easily choose the best one for your working place and prevent your head from dropping. This stand ingeniously designed to cover your Lap when you put your notebook on your leg, by doing so, your laptop will stick to you and never fall out.

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Copyright © 2020 blinx All rights reserved.
More information:
Copyright © 2020 blinx All rights reserved.