Pholdia Mobile Stand

Innovative Magnetic, Foldable Design


  • 2-Way Stand
  • Mini Card Wallet
  • Anti-Fall Secure Grip
  • Ultra Strong, Spotless 3M Adhesive
  • Available in Three-color combinations: blinx Blue on  Black, Dark Gray on Light Gray, Light Beige on Black


  • Universal Mobile Phones
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Pholdia is the most innovative blinx collection, The smallest member of this family is Pholdia Mobile-phone stand designed to completely change your smartphone usage experience. Prop your phone in two viewing angles (60 degrees in portrait and 40 degrees in landscape)  perfect for video calls, watching videos or easily check your notification while working. It also can use as a small cardholder, great to conceal two or three credit cards. With innovative magnetic and anti-fall secure grip design never drop your phone, text message, and scroll pages with one hand and take better selfies.

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Copyright © 2020 blinx All rights reserved.
More information:
Copyright © 2020 blinx All rights reserved.